Kalash Import Export company is Nepal-based leading international trading company who are directly linked with the principal companies of variety of authentic products which enable us to offer you authentic products at very reasonable price. The company is specialized to consolidate the containers of different items.

We are proud to announce the company that enjoys making challenging tasks possible in sourcing business, who has taken traditional import export companies by storm. We are team of young, experienced, dynamic individuals who has not just achieved new heights in their respective careers but also knows team’s dynamics, market insights, client management and sourcing knowledge.

These things represent our moral:

Quality,Best rate,Reliability & Performance


Our major key is putting our customers first and realizing that they are the heart and soul of our business. We do whatever it takes to deliver on promise and provide elasticity to adjust to our customer’s needs. Having experience, we always have solutions at hand and are always on the look out to provide the most effective methods for managing your quantity sequence. We can import and export any types of good from every part of the world at reasonable price. We also do shipping and airfreight of your any personal goods at best price.


  • -We are experienced
  • -Quality products at competitive prices
  • -Networks of customers and suppliers’ world wide
  • -Can import and export any types of goods
  • -Free home delivery of grocery items.
  • -Customers are everything to us
  • -Shipping and airfreight

Company Account

Kalash Import Export is highly recommended trading company, which enables to provide the authentic product at very reasonable price and customer satisfaction is our 1st priority. We also provide the flexible support to gain growth to your business and always give you the firmly support as your need. For further queries feel free to contact us.